You are much better healed than just plain well!


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Anybody can be just plain well. So many times we ask ourselves, “What would my life have been if all of these things hadn’t happened to me?”. Or we ask, “Why do other people get off so easy in life, and why am I such a mess?”. Everyone has trials and complications in life, and you can’t really know, from this side of heaven, what the purpose might be for all the things which have come through your life. Your finite mind simply cannot figure out what an infinite God might be using to bring about His eternal plans and purposes in your life.

Now, I’m not saying that God planned your divorce or separation.

Most of us have asked the question, “If God knew my spouse and I wouldn’t make it, why did He let us get together?” Or we ask, “Why couldn’t we fix our relationship, when others seem to pull their marriages together?”
There are just no easy answers to those questions. You will have all of eternity to hang out with Jesus to ask those things, but for right now you mostly have to settle with knowing these two simple truths about God’s design for your life.
1.  God truly does have a loving plan and purpose for the rest of your life…
2. He wants you to go with Him, beyond where you are, to the “next level” of faith, trust and effectiveness in Him…
You really can’t get to the next level in the things of God until you spend your season of grieving over your loss, but then you must leave those things behind. I know that people can be glib about your season of grieving and they often say things like, “Well, you should just get over it”…

We know you can’t just “Get over it”, and we know
you certainly would do that if you could.
So, allow yourself the time you need to grieve and to be healed of the things that have happened to you, knowing that God has a new plan and purpose for your life that will include the seasoning and grace which has come along with working through and grieving over your personal losses and impossible situations. You truly are much better healed than just plain well. Anybody can be just plain well.
That’s our opinion, we’d love to hear yours…

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