When All Things Seem Broken Into Little Pieces…


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Cally, over at drivethrudivorcerecovery asked me to post this up on our blog… I’m happy to do it…  :-)

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Undergoing a divorce or separation is a human experience, if felt deep within, leaves you as though your world has been shattered into a million little pieces. It may very well be.

  • Maybe you lost your home over the “half-half” court settlement.
  • Maybe you get to see your children four days every month.
  • Maybe you have to drive an extra three hours to see your children now
  • Deep within you, you feel the pangs of loneliness.

Before going any further, remember this. If you are having the slightest idea of separating form your spouse, STOP right there. Don’t think about it, don’t dwell on it, and don’t watch Hollywood movies that will reinforce your thinking of divorce.

Work on the marriage that you have.

You are smart if you work on your marriage. You are in fact brilliant to stay married and work on your situation.

If you are separated, here are some things that might help.

  • The first step begins in prayer. Ask someone way more powerful than you to take over your load. It will happen… if you simply ask.
  • Pay attention to legal matters diligently, if you have any
  • Two wrongs don’t make a right. If your spouse cheated on you, the way for you to feel powerful is not by cheating on your spouse. Being sexually abstinent at this time is a smart thing to do.
  • Give time for your emotions to heal. Imagine this, when you have a bloody wound on your knee that needs surgery of some sort, do you keep it open and keep poking pins in there? No! Divorce is a huge internal wound. Don’t keep poking at it by jumping from relationship to relationship.
  • Give your internal wounds time to heal.
  • And again,  prayer, and a relationship with Jesus is your answer for long term happiness.


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