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We all have good reasons for the things we do. If you’re like me, much of what you think and do has its genesis in some of the little mottos you might have formed your thoughts around before you were a Christian. Maybe your parents, teachers or friends spoke these little mottos as “Words to live by”.
Without the anchor of absolute truth, it’s normal to come up with little mottos and slogans to help guide us through our everyday decisions, and to help us “Do the right thing”. I thought it would be fun to look at some of the common mottos I’ve heard from people throughout my life, just to see how many of them might still be clinging to my Christian life. Maybe you will recognize some of these little “mottos” still hanging around in your life as well.
1 . “Nothing is always true all the time”.
Sorry, yes it is. Biblical truth is always true, whether we choose to believe it or not…
2. “Everything is true, false, meaningful and meaningless at the same time”.
This is a great example of “Deep truth”… Deep thinking people say deep stuff like this to sound deep and smart… We can be nice to them while they’re blabbing it, but sorry, it’s not deep, it’s dumb.
3. “You create your own reality”.
No, sorry, God creates your reality. I think, in eternity, we will all be surprised to find out how little we actually had to do with our own “reality”.
4. “Always follow your heart”.
Nope, your heart is desperately wicked all the time, it will lie to you every chance it gets.
5. “Live life to the fullest and have no regrets”.
This is called Hedonism, and it is the oldest lie in the book… It is the polar opposite of an eternal mindset… If we choose to adopt this world as our ideal; God will leave us to die with it, guaranteed…
6. “I’d rather beg for forgiveness than ask for permission”.
This was one of my all-time favorites… It is PRIDE personified… I still fall back on it from time to time. And it never does me any favors.
7. “There’s no such thing as sin, there’s just teaching moments disguised as mistakes”.
Nope, there’s sin, and God hates it, but He forgives us and gives us grace…
We must repent of sin and not make excuses for it…
8. “If you love, pray, do what you feel is right and don’t screw up too bad, you’ll be fine”.
Yep, and you’ll eat pie in the sky when you die, too… Nope, God provides forgiveness and grace to wretched sinners like you and me… But true Christianity requires us to “Bring our lives to the Word” every day. And change our lives if they don’t match up, anywhere… Sorry, lackadaisical Christianity doesn’t really work for anyone…
9. “If a true friend gets to heaven before you, they’ll drill a hole in the sky and pull you in”.
10. “My god is love, he doesn’t hate anything” and “God answers to any name”.
This is NOT the God of the Bible… The God of the Bible doesn’t have an identity crisis. He knows who He is; He knows what His name is; and He knows what He thinks… And He wrote it down for us…
So we can know Him too…
11. “In the end, all you’ll have is family”
Kept in balance, this is an okay sentiment… But people often use it to enable family members to continue destructive behaviors by shielding these individuals from the normal consequences of their behavior… eg, we pay off their exorbitant debt; we bail recalcitrant individuals out of jail, etc, etc… The truth is, in the end, all you’ll have is the Lord Jesus… Obedience to Him and His Word is all that matters…
So, what do you think? What great mottos have you heard? Do you have an opinion?
Are there any you’re you still stuck on? Help us out, we want to hear from you…

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