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This is Joanne. I’m reading “The Sacred Romance” by Brent Curtis and John Eldredge for the second time now, and a section has brought me to tears. Again. See, we all want to be special to someone. We all want to be someone’s hero. We all remember in school, how desperately we wanted to be good at something. We remember how desperately we wanted to be one of the “chosen ones.” We wanted to be picked for the good team when we “chose up sides”, and we wanted to be chosen first instead of last. When we saw the “Cool kids” sitting at their own table in the cafeteria, we wanted to join them, and we wanted them to want us there.
We knew however, that if we were to approach those kids at that table, they would surely say “No, we’re saving that seat for someone else”, so we sat by ourselves, or we sat with others in quiet solitude, because we didn’t fit.

When we got married, we just wanted to love and be loved, but it didn’t work, and we didn’t fit. So we became stained with the feeling that we would never measure up, that we’d never make the grade, that we’d never really fit anywhere. Many of us have carried those feelings of emptiness and rejection into our relationship with Christ, so we don’t anticipate heaven and we don’t long to be there. Because we don’t feel accepted here, we assume we won’t be accepted there. We feel like we don’t belong here, so we assume we won’t belong there. We don’t fit here, so we assume we won’t fit there. So we have lost our anticipation of heaven.

Without an anticipation of the end of this life. Without an anticipation of heaven. This life on earth becomes the Bataan death march…

But that thinking simply isn’t true. God spent 7 days creating this planet earth, and this earthly place is okay, but God has spent from eternity past until now, building heaven. He’s been building heaven for Him, as His home, but He’s also been building it as our home, because we are His bride. And no-one is more acceptable, or accepted to the groom, than His bride.

When we became Christians, God gave us his name, and He gave us his love, and the Lord Jesus is preparing a wedding feast for us. And the wedding feast is the most intimate gathering there is anywhere. The Bible says that Jesus is eagerly anticipating our arrival there. In heaven. And when we get to heaven, I believe Jesus will personally greet us with absolute love and acceptance, and He will personally lead us to, and personally seat us at,
our personal place at the table. The place He has been preparing for us since before there was time. We will be special in heaven, forever. We will belong there, forever. And we will fit there, forever.

So, when we don’t fit here, and we never do, that’s okay. We weren’t designed to fit here. But we do fit there. We fit in heaven, because that’s our home. As always, we welcome your comments, questions, complaints and prayer requests

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