There Are Worse Things Than Being Single


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We here at GFD are big fans of the idea of remaining single after a divorce. We think it’s a good life plan for the long term, but we also believe that adopting the mindset of remaining single will be a huge key to your success as you enter the dating and courtship arena as well. And it’s not about being duplicitous that we suggest you have a mindset to remain single before you consider a new relationship – it’s really about survival.

Because, the vast majority of people you will meet in the twenty-first century will simply not be truthful with you. And if you go into the jungle of dating and relating in this mostly shallow, hookup culture, without a mindset that you are perfectly comfortable and capable of being and living alone; your residual neediness will cause you to make excuses for a person’s bad behavior, and you will be likely to stay too long in a relationship that you should have ended before it started.

And most of us have learned the hard way that staying too long in a tough courtship with a difficult person will usually culminate in entering into a hard marriage with an impossible person. And you or they will not stick around as long in a hard second or third marriage, like you might have in your first marriage experiment. And having multiple marriages in succession will not only waste your life, it will hurt you way more than you deserve.

But we also know that the world is not completely pessimistic and devoid of hope. We know that it’s entirely possible that you can someday meet and marry your perfect soul-mate and live happily ever after. But this is not a fairy tale, and you will likely have to kiss a whole lot of frogs before you ever find your prince or princess charming. And if you go into this world with any sense of neediness, you will likely stop down and possibly marry one, two, or three of these non-productive frogs – and each of those frogs will waste a portion of your life – when the far better choice would have been for you to simply let those ugly frogs to go their way with a short, sweet and confident peck on the cheek, while you wait for that one truly magical individual who is genuinely worthy of you, like you are worthy of them.

So, it’s our sincere hope that you’ll take the time to become a quiet, caring and confident single adult. And it’s never too late to get there. But you’ll never get there if you don’t do the homework and get settled now, on remaining single for a good – long – time.

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