The Grace/Crisis Cycle


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I’ve learned in the course of my life, that I only get so much grace for one day, and when I run out of grace for my day; that’s it, I won’t get a fresh dose of grace until tomorrow. I usually run out of grace toward the end of the day. That’s when I know it’s time for me to put myself to bed and go to sleep, so I can forget about the trials of today and be refreshed for the trials that will come tomorrow. I know there are some days when I’ll climb out of bed in the morning and I’ll look back at my bed and say, “Bed, I’m looking forward to seeing you tonight”, because I know that God’s grace is new every morning, and I know that my day is going to burn up all of the niceness and grace I’ve got.
I know that taking time for sleep, taking time for my Bible, and taking time for prayer is the only way I can refresh myself for the trials that will come. I also know that my life is going to be this way until the Lord takes me home, so I can’t allow the trials and the “He said/She said’s” of one day, to build up and carry over to the next day… But some of you, in your time of crisis, never sleep, so you’re always tired; you’re always upset; and you’re always upside down. I don’t necessarily think you need medication to get you through your crisis, I believe you need to develop an “Eternal Mindset”…

In an eternal mindset, you simply recognize that God is absolutely in control of everything. You recognize that God totally has your life, and He truly is never going to let you fall. In an eternal mindset, you recognize that this is the shortest amount of time you will spend anywhere, and no-one can take anything from you that will ever make any eternal difference.

In an eternal mindset, you are set free to trust the Lord in the daytime; that the day and the troubles in it won’t kill you. You can have joy, and you can pray and worship in the knowledge that God loves you and He’ll never let you fall. In an eternal mindset, you can also trust God at night, so you can sleep knowing that He has tomorrow in the palm of His hand as well. Now, I know this is a tall order… Many of you have some big problems that beat you down every day of your life, but isn’t that all the more reason to allow God to build in you an eternal mindset for the remainder of your life? See, chances are, you know all about the “Cycle of crisis”; what do you have to lose in establishing a “Cycle of Grace”?
Those are my thoughts, I’d love to hear yours…

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