The Balance Between Truth and Grace


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Truth without Grace is called judgment. It is “The law” and it is cold, angry, judgmental and impossible to live with. Truth without grace will turn off those you interact with, and it is the easiest thing in the world for Christians to fall into. As you‘ve probably seen, your fleshly personality (and mine) is not blushingly attractive.
We know there is no shortage of blustery, volcanic Christians spouting angry, graceless truth. I’ve been one of those Christians and I know it’s deadly to relationships. On the other extreme, grace without truth is called license. It is a nice philosophy but it isn’t true, and it isn’t Biblical. It is “Greasy grace and sloppy agape” and it is rampant in the church. But you might ask, “Wasn’t Jesus a nice guy, and didn’t He include everyone in his loving message?” Well, the answer is yes and no…

Jesus first called everyone around Him to His free and simple gift of reconciliation with God by His amazing love, His incredible warmth, His loving grace and His awesome mercy. But behind that niceness was His total and complete authority over all of heaven and earth. When someone dealt with the person of Jesus Christ on this earth, they were drawn by His niceness, but they eventually had to come to terms with His absolute authority or they would simply fall away…

Jesus spoke nicely to everyone. But once a person became a follower, Jesus called that specific group to repentance and to deal with the sin in their lives in no uncertain terms. And the same is true today. So we don’t really do anyone any favors by living or representing the “rose” of gracious Christianity without somehow including the “thorns” of Biblical discipline. So, I guess the truth of the message lies somewhere in the middle. The correct mixture of grace and truth is a conflict every Christian must come to terms with. We must add enough sweetness to our message to make it attractive to others, but it must contain enough salt to have any real worth to convey the possibility of actually being redeemed from the hopeless grip of sin.

If you struggle like I do, with keeping a correct balance of grace and truth in your life and your communication of Biblical truth to others, please tell us what you think…

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