Books That We Recommend

Reading List

We’ve found these books to be necessary for some and invaluable for others.

“An honorable way to deal with the impossible people in your life”.
This book is not for the timid. Jan Silvious, using compassion, grace and Biblical truth offers us a compelling explanation for the intractable behaviors of the impossible people we’ve allowed into our lives. If you have suffered enough with an impossible person that you are willing to learn the unblemished truth about them (and yourself); I believe this book might be indispensable for you. Many people tell us they continue to refer back to this book for insight into their ongoing lives and difficult relationships.

BOUNDARIES – by Dr’s Henry Cloud and John Townsend
I am usually not a big fan of Christian Psychology, but these guys have also done an admirable job of teaching Christians how to relate successfully to impossible people. In a Biblical, “Matter of fact” style, Cloud and Townsend teach us that it is possible and necessary to simply say “No” to those individuals who continually use and manipulate us.

THE UNSPOKEN RULES OF LOVE- by Michelle McKinney Hammond and Joel A. Brooks Jr.
“What women don’t know and men won’t tell you”.
I believe this is a “Must read” for every single Christian woman. Michelle Hammond outlines very lovingly, Biblically and creatively, twelve unspoken rules that include most everything a woman must do and not do, in order to have, First: a successful life as a woman of God, and Second: successful and quality relationships with men.

TOO CLOSE, TOO SOON – by Dr’s Jim A. Talley & Bobbie Reed
These two have written the definitive work for Christian singles on the subject of managing the time you spend together in a new relationship to avoid being blinded to problems and shortcomings by premature love and desire that turns to craving and neediness. We paraphrase some of their ideas in our booklet and we are indebted to them for their work.