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We Christians talk about a lot of deep stuff, but this Christian life is pretty simple. Do you have a dog?  Our Golden Retriever goes through a whole dance routine just to get a cookie, but the truth is, she’d get the cookie anyway because we love her. We don’t give our dog chocolate, even though she asks for it, because it’s bad for her. Now, if we’re that good to our dog in giving her what she wants, and not giving her what would hurt her; how much better is God to us, in giving us what we need and keeping us from those things which might harm us?
God is in absolute control of everything that crosses our lives and He’s promised that He would take care of us, and He’s promised that He wouldn’t put more on our plate than we can take for one day. Every day, as life happens to us, God has asked us to forgive others, to relinquish our pride, and to die to our flesh. At the end of the day, when we get tired and weary of this life for one day, God asks that we go to bed and sleep, much like our Golden Retriever does.

Tomorrow, we’ll get a fresh load of grace, to deal with the new problems and new excitement of the new day, just like our dog has a fresh bowl of food waiting for her with every new morning. But our dog has to go into the laundry room every morning to get her fresh food and water. Likewise we have to go every morning, to our place of refreshment in the Word and prayer to get our fresh grace and refreshment in the Lord. But our fresh load of grace from our father, is waiting for us, like manna, every morning…

If our dog isn’t taken care of every morning, she’ll become sullen and she’ll lose interest in this life. And the same is true with us. When my life starts building up on me, when I start getting beaten down by this life, I recognize that I’m not taking the time to get into the place where the food is. We need to take advantage of the daily care program that our father has provided for us every morning, or we won’t be equipped to take on the day. Those are my thoughts, I’d love to hear yours.

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