Is It Time To Dump The Junk Mail?


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Have you ever noticed that some people just have trouble throwing things away? Have you seen the reports of police or paramedics finding people living in their homes with many years of trash piled up around them? The medical people sometimes have to use a piece of equipment just to get these people out of their homes. And many times we see that a lot of the stuff in these houses is junk mail. It’s stuff these people never asked for, but they got anyway.
If you’ve been collecting a bunch of trash in the form of bad memories and thoughts of bad relationships and life-failures, much of it stuff you never wanted or asked for. If you’ve been hoarding stuff like injustices, failures and bitterness; it might be time to let it all go. It might be time to stop having all that stuff laying around, tripping you up and stinking up your house. It might be time to clean house, and get rid of all the junk mail!

Just haul that stuff out to the curb and let the “Holy Ghost trash guys” take it away. I know, however, that once you decide to get rid of that stuff, you’ll be tempted in the quiet times of the night, to go and dig it all up and retrieve it, because those useless thoughts have become your “Comfort zone.”

But don’t even think about driving out to the dump in the middle of the night to get that junk mail back. Just leave that stuff at the feet of Jesus and go to sleep. Trust me; you don’t need that junk mail, just send it to the dump and leave it there! There will be a fresh load of grace waiting for you in the morning to replace all that worthless junk, God’s Word guarantees it.  Hopefully we’ve encouraged you. Please tell us what you think…

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