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Even if, even if you don’t love me anymore…
I was in a store recently and that old Eagles tune came on the music system. Now, Don Henley isn’t a prophet, but he struck on something important in that song. See, Mr Henley had to come to the conclusion that you can’t carry grudges and expect to be successful in life. And the older we get, the more important that concept becomes, because people and circumstances keep piling crud on us. And if we stockpile that crud by not releasing it when it happens, there will simply be no end the buildup.

Jesus said, in Mark 11:26, “If you do not forgive, neither will your Father in heaven forgive your trespasses.” So God’s command is that we be forgivers, and He seems to be pretty clear on the subject. 

In this passage, Jesus was saying, “Look guys, you’ve been forgiven every thing you’ve ever done. You totally deserve hell for your sins but I saved you from that and bought eternal life for you with my blood. So if I choose not to remember your sins against me, tell me again where you get off choosing to remember the sins of others against you.”

Unforgiveness creates a crisis in our relationship with God. When unforgiveness pops up in our lives, I believe we need to see it and respond to it as a crisis. But with God being a forgiver toward us, fixing that crisis is easy, we just come to Him and repent. We restore our relationship with God, and we begin the process of walking in that forgiveness. But we know, because of our flesh, that unforgiveness will return like a bad habit, so we repent and walk out the process again…

I know the sin that brings about the end of a marriage is a big deal. I know some of you are saying, “Jeff, you don’t understand, he stole my purity, he stole my life, he stole my future, he ruined me; I just can’t forgive and move on from that!” Or you might be saying, “She took my future, she took my children, she took my money, she shipwrecked me; I simply can’t forgive that!”

Now I’m not saying it doesn’t matter that others have brutalized your life, and I’m not saying it’s okay that others have acted incorrectly toward you. I’m just saying that you must find a way, in grace, to release the debt of sin that others have created in your heart, or that debt will ruin you. I’m encouraging you allow this season of brutality to cause you to take an eternal view of your life, because that’s the only way this season will ever have any purpose.

God will deal, in His way, with the ones who’ve acted wickedly against you. God will find a way for sinful behavior to bring just consequences. Those consequences may not happen in your timetable, but they will happen. You simply need to get out of the way.

…Trust me; you do not want to get between the hammer and the work!…

Forgiving the faults of others requires that we realize the crisis which unforgiveness creates in our relationship with God. Then we process our thoughts to come to a place of forgiveness and peace. Then we start all over again. Until eventually we can put our horrific experience in the history books. Genuine forgiveness is such an important thing for us to learn, because in this life, we’ll probably have a few more horrific experiences that we’ll need to forgive.

Christians, we can’t afford to remember the debts of others, because we can’t afford for God to remember our debt. Our shoulders aren’t broad enough to carry the load of our sin, let alone the sins of others. We must let God handle the sin, so we can be effective in the short time we have left on this planet. People, this is the shortest time we’re going to spend anywhere, let’s unload the debt of sin and get to work.
Those are my thoughts, I’d love to hear yours.

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