God’s Grace in My Season of Trial


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We are marginally gifted people who have been called to encourage the broken ones in life, but when those who’ve been stepped on in the past discover they are good at something, they can become arrogant and prideful. That was me, but the Lord has been boiling that out of me in a fiery, long-term trial. I want to share some things I’ve learned in this process.
What have I experienced?
My pride and refusing to follow the rules caused me to lose a job. Whether the response of the others involved was fair or correct is not important, all of that stuff is God’s to deal with. I have to look at my own life and determine to allow the Lord to fix what’s wrong with me, I have to pick up the pieces and allow the Lord to rebuild my life His way.
What have I learned?
• I’ve learned that I have an inherent problem with authority and I must allow God to be my boss.
• I’ve learned that nothing gets past God. He truly looks upon the hearts of all men.
• I’ve learned that it is unwise to take advantage of the grace of God, but I’ve learned that He is patient and good in all of His ways.

I’ve learned that God is “Slow to anger and rich in mercy and love”, but I’ve learned that, when God’s patience runs out, and the anger of the Lord is finally brought to a situation, that burst of fire is intense and unstoppable, and no one can stand up to it. Ive learned that it’s easy and normal for us to say “If I had known the anger of the Lord was this intense, I would have changed”.

But when the anger of the Lord is finally stirred up, it is too late for people to bargain. We know that, in the last days of the world, many people will say that very same thing. They will say, “If I had known the anger of the Lord was this intense, I would have changed.” But it will be too late for bargaining then as well. The difference between then and now is, that end will be permanent. We, however, still live in the “Age Of Grace”, so God will forgive and pour out His grace and mercy on us, as we ask Him.
• But God is not a respecter of persons, He does as He chooses.
He may deal in anger with those involved in creating our life-changing trials, He may not. I know, however, that God loves us perfectly and He is working perfectly within us, therefore we can be thankful for His attention and His perfecting grace.
• Our nature is to say, “What I did wasn’t all that bad, I didn’t deserve this.”
The truth is, whatever we did, it was that bad, and we did deserve whatever we got. In fact, we deserved far worse than what we got. We don’t deserve grace, we deserve to die for our sin. Believing anything else is pride, and pride is God-repellant.
• Everything we say to people should be positive and uplifting, caring and friendly.
Everything we say will be repeated and it will be used to compound the feelings of others toward us. Our mouths will make or break our ministry and our future. I believe the time to become pure, positive, joyful, diligent and quiet is now.
• We will fail on a daily basis and we will always need God’s grace.
Our future belongs to an all-powerful God who has passionate and unfailing love for us, but He has made a commitment to us, to discipline us and never give up.

I want to close by sharing this verse:
“I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine making request for you all with joy, for your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:3-1:6
If this has spoken to you or encouraged you, I’d love to hear about it.

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