For Church Based Groups

If you are a pastor or church leader, we can help you bring positive, genuine, Bible-based life change to those who are caught up in the devastation of divorce. We can help you reach those in your church and community who are simply“shut in” by the events of the past and the pervasive lies of the enemy…

We offer an effective divorce recovery program that can produce long-term quality results with no significant expense to your church. There’s no videos or display equipment required. If you have a facilitator with eleven weeks to invest one night per week in the lives of people, we’ll provide everything they need, and we’ll support them every step of the way!

Our ten chapter textbook is simple, sequential, progressive and straightforward. It provides a true balance of encouragement to move forward in life intermixed with genuine Biblical admonition and encouragement to live a life of purity and quality for the future.

Even inexperienced leaders find it easy to teach a Grace For Divorce class because the information and Biblical truth lessons found in the text often coincide with his or her personal life experience.

The built-in small group interaction segment of the class will minimize the time a leader spends in front of the group, and it creates a prayerful atmosphere for genuine Biblical growth and life-change for the class participants…

The Leaders Guide will provide step-by step helps and encouragement for each class session and we’ll provide everything as needed, from Attendance Sheets to Memory Verse Cards and Graduation Certificates.

  • I know you might be hesitant, but we’ve been doing this program for twenty years.
  • We’ve encountered the issues and we’ve worked out the details.
  • It’s really worth it to try, because the broken ones are stuck.
  • They are carrying that brokenness into new relationships.
  • They just need some help to stop the wasteful cycle of failure.

There’s no real investment to get started except the small cost for a Textbook and possibly a Leaders Guide to look over and decide if the program would work for you. You can get your books from us or from Amazon. If you decide to use our program, we’ll package the textbooks in groups of eight, along with a Leaders Guide and we’ll ship it all to you at a promotional price.

We encourage you to get in touch with us, so we can help you get started!

In Grace: Jeff and Joanne

(208) 340 7886