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“He (or she) who finds a wife (or a mate) finds a good thing.”  Proverbs 18:22.
We all want to believe that God is right in the middle of our relationship and marriage decisions. This verse indicates however, that God’s opinion is that finding a quality marriage partner is a perfectly good idea. However, I hope you’ll notice that God didn’t say, “He or she who finds a spouse finds a “Great thing.” I believe God wants you to know that you already have the great thing in your relationship with Jesus Christ. The great relationship you have with the God who loves you passionately should always be your first priority. As you make your relationship with Christ your first priority in life, all of your other relationships will begin to make better sense to you.

I know there are several schools of Christian thought on the subject of choosing a prospective spouse. Among those are the “God has the perfect one for me” theory and the theory which says, “My heart wants what it wants and I must follow my heart into love and passion.”  We really must find a way to think through our beliefs in this romantic area of life, and we really have to decide if our current beliefs are true and Biblical, or not.

First of all, I really hope we can put the “God has the perfect one for me” theory into balance here, because I believe this theory of Christian relationships is a little out of touch with the truth regarding the state of Christian marriage in the twenty-first century. It’s particularly dangerous to continue to apply the “God has the perfect one for me” theory in our approach to second or third marriages.

If you disagree, please think about this for a minute. Almost everyone who has entered into wedded bliss with someone, has married the person they thought was God’s perfect one for them, and many of those marriages have simply not gone the distance.

Some of the individuals we might have married, believing they were God’s perfect one for us, have turned out to be downright anti-Christian and perhaps profoundly devilish in nature.  I hope we won’t ever believe God somehow wanted us to marry an impossible person to teach us a lesson, because that notion is totally contrary to God’s New Testament view of marriage.

Folks, I believe the problem of failed relationships and marriages doesn’t lie somehow in God’s hidden plan for our lives. The problem really lies in giving God too much shared responsibility for a decision which is mostly ours to make. That’s my opinion, I’d love to hear yours.

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