Do Not Get Married Unless You Ask These 35 Questions


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I edited this from a Blog by Jazmine Hughes

Are you a Christian?
Where do you serve? How often?
Are you a giver? Do you tithe?
Do you want to have more children?
Are you gonna eat all of that sandwich?
How close will we be to your parents?
OK, well, can I at least have half of the sandwich?
Do you expect me to hang with your friends?
How will we handle money, debt and savings?
How important is equality in marriage?
I can’t believe I can’t have half—can I at least have a BITE?!
If we hit a rough patch, will we go to counseling?
What will our morning routine be? Our evening routine?
How will we divide household chores?
You’re being super rude with this sandwich. Do you need a nap?
Are we able to openly talk about our physical needs and wants?
How, where and when will we travel?
OK, that part has tomato in it, can I have the other part?
Where will we spend the holidays?
What the heck is bugging you right now?
Would you ever snoop in my phone? Can I snoop in yours?
Where would we live? Where would we retire?
How much affection do you need in a given day?
Why don’t you trust me?
Do you like animals? Will we have a pet?
Do you have a plan to care for your parents?
OK, sorry I called you an “insecure sandwich hog.” Don’t you ever say impulsive things?
What about your health history? Is there anything we should prepare for?
If I really needed to quit my job, would you support us?
When have I ever not shared my sandwich with you?
When have I ever liked tomatoes?!
Are you afraid of getting older?
Have you ever committed a crime?
Do you want to just eat the tomato-y part and I’ll eat the rest?
Do you think that maybe we’re not right for each other after all?

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