About Us

As a Christian, I never thought I’d experience divorce, but after ten years of marriage, my spouse chose to leave. I spent seven years as a single adult before remarrying. My wife Joanne has a similar background. We feel very privileged to serve together in this ministry to single, divorced and separated adults.

Separation and divorce are among the most devastating experiences in life, and they usually create more problems than they solve. But if someone is determined to bring about the end of a marriage, there seems to be very little anyone can say or do to stop them.

In our speaking and writing, we use God’s Word and our own life-experiences to bring a voice of insight, compassion and encouragement to the bitter topic of divorce and separation. We’ll walk side-by-side with you as you trek through your personal process of divorce and singleness, and we’ll help you become more confident in your choices, as you begin to explore the possibility of new relationships. We’ll encourage you at every turn, to get a firm grasp on your position in Christ, to equip you to make quality decisions for your future.

As you discover this website and contact us, perhaps you’ll avail yourself of our materials. Regardless of how you use this site, we know that it will help you gain some fresh insights into what has happened to you in this traumatic, life-changing event. You will also learn, in very practical terms, how to deal successfully with your season of separation, divorce and singleness . Thanks for visiting us at gracefordivorce.org, we hope you’ll come back often to see what’s new.

In His Grace.
Jeff and Joanne Brown