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A love letter can be disguised as an impossible circumstance…
“O LORD, be gracious to us; we have waited for You. Be their arm every morning and our salvation also in the time of trouble”. Isaiah 33:2. God is not mad at us, even when it looks like He might be. Isaiah wrote this passage as Israel was being besieged by the Assyrians. It was not a pleasant time for anyone, but Isaiah was wise enough to realize that this season of incredible destruction and brutality, perpetrated by people who were possessed of unrequired meanness would only last so long, and Isaiah also had the foresight and knowledge to ask the Lord to, “Be their arm every morning”.
In other words, Isaiah was asking the Lord to use this brutal season to purge both him and all of Israel of the laxness in quality and character that the preceding period of relative luxury had brought with it. Since God’s Word is written into eternity for every one of us, Isaiah was asking the Lord to be merciful and in control of the brutality so total destruction didn’t ensue, but also to use the difficult circumstance to remind each of us again that God is truly serious about the encroachment of sin, pride and rebellion into our lives. And God is also serious about us actually getting to the job we’ve been called to do.

So in the broad light of eternity (where God dwells), the brutal hand of the Assyrians was a “message of love” (albeit tough love) from the Lord to the Israelites, even though the Assyrians, at the time, certainly meant it as “Hate mail”. I have come to believe the circumstances and seasons that cross our lives are not an accident. I truly believe that God dwells in the midst of every single one of them. I’m certain that, if I were to characterize some of the seasons and experiences of my life over the past few years as messages from the Lord, I would not always, at first blush, consider them to be “love letters” either…

But I am coming to see things differently as these repeated difficult seasons are having a molding and polishing effect on me… I don’t want to admit that I’ve needed such rough treatment; such humbling and such crumbling of my pride… But God knows, you don’t get purity in anything unless you break it and melt it down a few times…

So, if you are surprised at the brutal, merciless treatment you’re receiving, or have received at the hands of people who could or should have been nicer and more understanding to you, consider this: you can fight them, hate them, refuse to forgive them,  and be completely miserable over the whole bloody thing. Or, you can simply relax, and ask God to “Be their arm every morning”; chastening you as He sees fit throughout this season (However long it may last), thereby allowing the Lord to, “Be your salvation also in the time of trouble”.

I’m finding we truly can settle into the Lord Jesus in impossible circumstances. He really does love us, and He really does have our future in the very palm of His hand, and He isn’t letting go anytime soon. So that’s what I’m thinking; what do you think?

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