A Few Little Things To Remember


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Reach for what you want without hurting others
Work on being patient even though it’s not your nature
It’s your right to say no when you want or need to say no
You should always be kind, but you don’t always have to be nice
You might have made some dumb mistakes, but you’re not a bad person
You don’t need to talk to strangers, but if they seem okay, why not?
Don’t let your fear of the future rob you of your peace in the present
Realize that it’s okay to feel lonely, everybody feels lonely sometimes
Remove jealousy and anger from your life, they’re useless and poisonous
Always tell your mom and dad you love them while you still can, if you still can.
It’s okay to have regrets, reflect on them. Maybe you can turn them into bad haiku.
Clean your house and keep it clean. It will help you feel better to treat yourself better.
Grow old with a mixture of style, grace and toughness, but don’t lose your sense of humor.
Be ashamed of the dumb things you’ve done, but let yourself off the hook and be your own best friend.
Be truly nice to nice people. Even your hero has a hero, no one is better than you. We’re really all the same.
You may never have that core group of inseparable friends like you see on TV, but you’ll be okay with what you have.
Your family and friends aren’t perfect and neither are you. It’s okay to love them without worrying what you’ll get in return.

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