Being Set Apart


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It seems like I redefine myself almost every week and I reassess my life with even more scrutiny at the beginning of every new year. I think that’s pretty normal for most folks who would call themselves serious Christians. I know I’m an introspective individual, but I also know that if I am going to walk with the Lord, I have to realign myself with Him on a regular basis. I’ve found the more regularly I do that, the better I do.
As I’ve realigned myself in the past, I’ve dismissed a lot of things from my life. I’ve mentioned we don’t consume alcohol  anymore; we’ve left most non-Christian music and movies behind; we continue to shed many non-essential possessions… But I don’t think austerity and self-denial is really what this Christian life is about.

I think this Christian life is about realigning ourselves with the heart of God. I know that I’m an encourager who is easily discouraged. I know I’m a writer and I know I can teach. I know, as I wait upon the Lord for the next move in my life, I simply need to be patient, obedient and nice. I must bring myself back to a heart of purity, prayer, perseverance and love. I need to discipline my eyes and my heart and I must keep myself from jealousy and anger. Other than that, I’m not sure; but I know, in my own life, I simply want to be set apart for God. I hope that’s true for you as well in this new year of 2012.

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