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Many of us battle with discouragement over the hand life has dealt us. I sometimes think of God’s command to Zerubbabel that he not “Despise the day of small things”. Zerubbabel (Pronounced Zur-rubb-a-bull) was not dealt a great hand in life, but he still had to play that hand the best he could. In this [...]

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Have you been caught up in some kind of sexual immorality? Have you found yourself kind of winking at those who are involved in sexual sin? Have you unwittingly slid into the belief system of the world regarding these things? If you are part of this culture, chances are, to some degree you probably have.

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I think if we look hard enough, there is always something to be thankful for! Did you have a place to lay your head last night when you were drop dead tired from your busy day?  Was there Tylenol in the cupboard when you needed something to calm that dull ache in your head? Were [...]