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“It has been fully reported to me, all you have done for your Mother-in law since your husband’s death; how you have left your parents and your birthplace and come to a people you didn’t know before.” Ruth 2:11
Here we see in the Old Testament book of Ruth that this prominent and godly man, Mr. Boaz was intently looking into Ruth’s character before Ruth knew anything of Boaz at all. It looks like Boaz asked everyone he could imagine, every little question he could think of concerning this new woman in town named Ruth. We know this is true because of this verse. (Were continuing to bring you excerpts from our book, “Destined For Him“.)   A successful, busy man like Boaz doesn’t gossip. A quality guy like Boaz doesn’t question everyone he knows concerning the quality and history of an individual to get the matter fully reported unless he’s keenly interested in the person he’s asking these questions about.

That, however, is what the text seems to indicate that Boaz did with Ruth. It looks like he inquired intently of everyone who knew anything about Ruth’s history, so he could get the entire matter fully reported to him. It also looks like Boaz learned absolutely everything he needed to know, before he met this woman named Ruth for the first time.

Obviously the more Boaz learned about Ruth, the more intrigued he was with this young woman. So when Boaz said to his foreman: “Hey, what’s up with this new girl in my barley field?” Boaz already knew everything there was to know about this young Moabite woman.

So this was not merely a case of “Love at first sight” or “God has the perfect one for me”, this was really the first Biblical picture of a pure and investigative courtship. Even though Bo and Ruth’s courtship was a little shorter than most would prefer, these two investigated one another pretty thoroughly before they decided to marry one another. I think that’s an important example for us to see, because our relationship choices will have such a huge impact upon our future, we want to make quality choices in every relationship from now on. We can’t afford any more disasters. That’s my opinion, I hope you’ll share yours.

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